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You have a lot of options available to you right now, which of course choosing the best option can be quite confusing at this moment.

You can choose the route to Prep at home through online sessions and books, or go to see a tutor in person near to where you live.

In order to choose the best SAT prep for your circumstances we need to run through the fundamentals, you want to make sure that your prep covers everything you need to be accepted.

What Does SAT Stand For?

At the start it stood for “Scholastic Aptitude Test” which completely makes sense, then it was renamed to “SAT Reasoning Test” and is now known as “SAT Subject Tests” or SAT II.

What Are The Test Used For?

The SAT scores combined with your transcript, essays, extracurricular activities are used by college admissions officers to help them decide whether you are able to take a degree/course at their college/university.

What Does The SAT Test Involve?

When you go ahead and take the SAT you will be asked to complete reading, writing & language, math, and an optional essay choice.

Knowing this information is absolutely crucial to achieving a high score on the test.

How Is The SAT Test Scored?

Scores on the SAT range from 400–1600 with reading and writing the largest part of the test. As part of the reading and writing sections you can earn a scaled score of between 200 and 800 for a total of 1600 possible points.

This follows onto the final score ranging from 400-1600, which is the sum of the section scores.

So What Is A Good SAT Score?

The average SAT score is around 1059.

To above average and in the top 50% of the population you need to score 1100, this indicates that you are slightly above average.

A score of 1200 puts you slightly above 75% of the population.

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To be in the top 95% of the population you will need to score a 1400 on the SAT.

It is possible to get the highest score of 1600, around 500 students out of the 2 million that take the test achieve this every year.

Is There An Alternative To The SAT?

There is another college admission test that you can take as an alternative to the SAT, this is called the ACT.

Most colleges will accept your score from either of the two tests, you can take one test or even go ahead and do both tests.

What is the different between ACT and SAT?

The difference is the number of sections that both tests have, the SAT has three sections to the test, the ACT has four sections.

The ACT test includes English, Math, Reading, and Science.

IMPORTNANT: The SAT gives you more time per question than the ACT.

The ACT test is more focused around science and reasoning skills, whereas the SAT is more focused on vocabulary.

This is important information, this is something you really need to consider so you can do the best test for your skill set so that you achieve the highest grades possible.

TIP: Look at some sample papers from each test set, this will give you a good idea of which one is better for you to take to get a better score.

What Do I Need To Score On The SAT To Get Into The College I Want To Go To?

To achieve admission to a specific college/university you will need to hit a minimum score.

Most colleges will require you to take the SAT to be considered to study there.

IMPORTANT: A high SAT score will also help you win scholarships from your school or another organization.

To give you some sort of an idea of what scores you need to achieve to get into certain colleges take a look below:

College                                                          Region                 SAT Total 25th-75th Percentile

Brigham Young University, ​Provo               West                                   1190–1420

Brown University                                       New England                         1420–1550

Bryn Mawr College                                   Mid-Atlantic                           1300–1500

Bucknell University                                   Mid-Atlantic                           1250–1420

Does SAT Prep Online Work?

Online SAT prep will work for you if you are an independent person and do not need someone to push you into sticking to a study time plan.

If you are a person that needs guidance and will not stick to the prep schedule then you are going to need a tutor to help you stay on track to achieve the score you require.

Working through SAT prep online is very flexible and could be the only option for you if you have to go out to work, or have a very busy social schedule.

IMPORTANT: If you are a person that needs pushing to get things done you can still do SAT prep online, you must make sure that the course you choose comes with a coach/tutor, these are available.

Price Of Online SAT Prep

You have a lot of choice and with that there is a lot of competition, the good news is that if you are short on budget there are FREE options.

You can get low budget courses starting at $99, medium options around $500 and the top in depth courses costing up to $7000.

Of course you have options any where in between these price ranges.

Now, what you need to know is what is the best option for the money. I mean is there a course that costs just $99 or even free that’s as good as the highest priced ones at $7000?

The best option for you is going to deliver the in depth PREP with proven results at the lowest price scale.

You do not need to worry, we have done the research for you and have taken the time to discover the best option that is available to you right now online.

The Best SAT Prep Course

Of course the best option is going to guarantee you a 1500+ SAT score.

With that guarantee comes a price; it is $1,999 but is well worth it.

The best SAT prep course is: The Princeton Review SAT

The course includes everything you need to achieve a top SAT score that will get you into any college you desire.

You are going to get:

  • Self-Paced option
  • Access to the both the SAT and ACT program (not an option with any other company)
  • Has one of the largest amount of test questions available
  • Offer courses in all formats; work alone, live online, in-person and private     tutoring

It is the best, there is no doubt about it.

The only down side is the price, although you are going to get a very high SAT score if you go with them and this is all that matters.